Reggie Jackson goes on expletive-filled rant and gets into a scuffle all over an autograph

WARNING: The video above contains vulgar language.

It's hard for a Major League Baseball legend and Hall of Famer to eat in peace when in Cooperstown. Yankees legend Reggie Jackson was at dinner and leaving the restaurant when a gaggle of people came up to get an autograph from him. It seems someone tried to double dip by going to the back of the line and Jackson was not having it.

You can hear in the video that he drops the F-Bomb quite a few times and someone was stupid enough to call Jackson's security guards "weak." That's when all hell broke loose. A scuffle broke out as Jackson tried to get into his car to get out of there and the fans surged toward him.

It was an ugly scene to say the least and Jackson issued this apology on Twitter for his insane rant and loss of control.

Don't mess with Mr. October or he will verbally assault you.