That'll show him: David Wright throws out a rookie's food because he can

David Wright and Bobby Parnell Lunch bullies.

Well, not quite, but here's the deal. Wright, the New York Mets' team captain, walked into the locker room after being removed from a scrimmage and found rookie pitcher Noah Syndergaard committing the ultimate sin (apparently) —- he was eating. Wright told him he needed to be in the dugout, and when the rookie didn't move fast enough, Parnell grabbed his food and threw it in the trash.

Wright chalked it up as a learning experience for a rookie who needs to understand the clubhouse code of conduct; Met's manager Terry Collins praised Wright for his leadership; and the befuddled Syndergaard said the most sensible thing of anyone:

"I really wasn't expecting it to be that big of a deal."

Met's fans have to suffer through another woeful season of baseball, but they may have some interesting clubhouse antics to look forward to.