This baseball team is getting a new name and every one under consideration is hideous

Could you cheer for a team with such a ridiculous name?

The Staten Island Yankees are rebranding their team name and if the fans have their way, the new name will be the most ridiculous one you've ever heard.

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The two most notable names, The Staten Island Pizza Rats or Rock Pigeons still seem to have the heart of New York in mind, while Heroes, Killer Bees and Bridge Trolls are a little more conservative (all things considered).

If you're not from New York and are wondering if a Pizza Rat has anything to do with the 4-foot-5 kung fu Master Splinter, you're not alone. Unfortunately, this isn't the Ninja Turtles but the Pizza Rat name did come from this cool little guy caught trying to enjoy some take out.

Obviously, the Staten Island Yankees are the minor league affiliate for the New York Yankees.

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