This is the worst pickoff try ever and you have to ask, is he trying to hit the runner?

I bet he never tries to steal a base against this pitcher again.

Korean pitcher Lim Chang-yong thought he could catch an opposing player at second base on a slip-up, and decided to try to pick him off. Only thing wrong with that is he may have actually tried to physically pick him off like a rooftop sniper.

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This was as dangerous as it was hilarious. Just imagine the backlash if that hits Oh. Unfortunately for Lim, he was suspended three games and forced to do 120 hours of community service, according to ESPN. Judging from how badly this ball is thrown, I can only assume the ball got away from him.

Even if he wasn't suspended for endangering another player, he should have been for being terrible at throwing a baseball.

[h/t Business Insider]