Yasel Puig no doubt thought he was being kind when he tossed the ball to a fan after catching the last out of the Dodgers 8-2 victory over the Yankees. But it turns out she would have been much better without it.

The fan, Alyssa Gerharter, had her front tooth knocked completely out of her mouth when Puig tossed the ball in the direction of a large group of Dodger fans situated along the first base line. Gerharter didn’t have a glove so she put her hands up to block her face, but the ball got through.

“I saw it coming at me and I remember thinking, ‘I don’t have a glove to catch this ball,'” Gerharter told the New York Daily News. “And I think I put my hands up in front of my face. I saw it was coming at me and registered that it was coming at me, and I felt it hit me. It wasn’t so much painful as it was shock. So I felt it hit me and I could feel immediately with my tongue there’s a hole. And I looked down at my hand and saw there’s a tooth in my hand.”

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Gerharter, 25, who grew up in Los Angeles and now lives in Manhattan, said she attended the game with a group of 40 or so Dodgers fans, and not one of them could catch the ball.

“Everybody was going after it. And I guess we all missed,” she said. “It was so fast that I don’t think it’s anybody’s fault for not catching it. In our whole group there was only one person who had a glove. So everybody was trying to catch it with their bare hands. I caught it with my face.”

Gerharter was taken the stadium’s first aid room by Yankees personnel and later rushed to a local hospital. She’s since seen a dentist and gotten a replacement, but nor before posting a picture of the damage to social media.

And, talk about a fan. She was right back at Thursday’s game.

This woman had her front teeth knocked out when Yasiel Puig threw a baseball into the stands Alyssa Gerharter Twitter screen shot

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