Tim Tebow officially receives a professional baseball offer


Well, that didn't take long. On Tuesday morning, the former Florida quarterback Tim Tebow announced that he would be pursuing a career entirely different from football -- one in professional baseball. Tebow is set to schedule an official baseball tryout later this month Now, just a few hours after his announcement, he already has an official baseball offer.

On Tuesday morning, Tebow officially received an offer from Schaumburg Boomers -- an independent Frontier League team based in Schaumburg, Illinois.

The Boomers' manager Jamie Bennett released a statement form the club's official release.

"We're looking for an athletic outfielder who can bring some leadership and competitiveness into the clubhouse," said Schaumburg Boomers Manager Jamie Bennett, "Tebow brings all of those characteristics and then some. I think he'd be a great fit here in Schaumburg."

"I understand that Tim's ultimate goal is to make it to the major leagues, just like every other guy on our team," stated Boomers General Manager Pete Laven, "With our proximity to Chicago and the fact that major league scouts come through our park on a regular basis, I think this is the perfect situation for Tim to showcase his skills in a game situation."

So, at least one team believes Tebow can cross over from the gridiron to the baseball diamond. Following the Boomers' offer, the Cleveland Indians tweeted this hilarious and cryptic photoshop of Tebow in an Indians uniform.


We will continue to update you on Tebow's attempted baseball career.