Umpires End The Game With An Unbelievable Ruling

The Orioles were beating the White Sox 8-6 in the bottom of the 9th inning. Up to this point, the White Sox were on a last inning rally, as the first six runners had reached base safely, and four of them had already scored. Fast forward to when there was one out, with a runner at first and second base; Andrew Benintendi came to the plate. With this in mind, the only thing that can end the game is a double play.

On a 0-1 count, the ball was then popped up in the infield, which is an "infield fly rule" anyway. What the fans see is Orioles shortstop Gunnar Henderson stepping up to make a routine catch in the infield. So there's only two outs now right? Well... the third-base umpire, Junior Valentine, really wanted the game to be over, as he put up his hand calling for interference from the runner on second base, Andrew Vaughn. However, when you watch the tape, it doesn't make any more sense, as Vaughn neither touches Henderson, nor tries to get in his way at all.

White Sox play-by-play announcer John Schriffen was heard on the air saying, "No! They can not end the game like this. No way."

"We have seen some bad calls this season," Schriffen said. "But that is one of the worst calls I have ever seen in baseball. That is terrible."

As the White Sox announcers pointed out, Vaughn had no idea where Henderson was to interfere with him.

Even Henderson who caught the ball looked confused, and the Orioles head coach, Brandon Hyde, admitted after the game, "we escaped there."

"I didn't get an explanation," Hyde said. "I saw the umpire point right to the runner with the interference call. I know with the infield fly there's probably some confusion."

As you can imagine the White Sox manager, Pedro Grifol, was not happy and came out to argue the mind-boggling ruling.

"I'm good with the way they called the play. I'm just not good with the rule," Grifol stated after the game. "(Vaughn) didn't make contact on purpose. He wasn't trying to impede Gunnar from catching the fly ball."

The head crew chief umpire, Adrian Johnson, didn't overturn the call as many thought he should have, considering the logic of the game situation. The umpire referred to MLB rule 6:01 (a) that basically says that even if incidentally, if the runner interferes with the fielder trying to make a play, it has to be an out.

"If he hinders the fielder in the attempt to field a batted ball, intent is not required and it's interference... When you see the interference, you call it," Johnson said.

In what is one of the most questionable calls ever witnessed, to end a MLB game, White Sox broadcaster/former manager, Ozzie Guillen, said in the postgame show that it was a shameful moment for the umpires.

"They should be embarrassed with what they just called," Guillen said. "Not just [regarding] White Sox or both [teams]. Just integrity of baseball. What is this? Tomorrow don't wake up and turn the tv on... cause when you watch major league highlights, you guys are going to be on it."

In a potential historic comeback that fell short, the White Sox now fall to 15-36, last in AL Central division, while the Orioles improve to 30-18, three games behind the Yankees for first in the AL East.

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