Yasiel Puig makes odd statement about Dodgers' "main" rival

With the Los Angeles Dodgers being one of the most storied teams in MLB, you would think that one of its star players would know who their main rival is. But Yasiel Puig does not. In a recent interview, Puig said he considers the Cardinals the main rival of the Dodgers, not the Giants.

"If we can beat them, we can win the World Series," Puig said about the Cardinals. "We have to pass through them. They're our principal rivals, not San Francisco, not anyone else."

"I dream about them every day."


I can understand why Puig would feel this way about the Cardinals. St. Louis has been the team to knock L.A. out of the playoffs the past two seasons, not San Francisco. In 2013 and 2014, the Dodgers won the NL West over the Giants. But, San Fran has won three of the past five World Series championships.

Puig is hoping that this season is different for the Dodgers and that the Cardinals don't knock his team out for a third time.

"We can't let them beat us three straight times," Puig said. "No way. They're a good team, and we all admire them. They have very good pitchers, very good players. If we beat them, we can win the World Series. We just have to get through them."