Conor McGregor bizarrely jumps in the cage after a non-UFC fight

What on earth was going on here?

Well this is a new one.

The promotion Bellator MMA had a show in Dublin on Friday, and current UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor was among those in attendance. Bizarrely enough, McGregor injected himself into the show, as the UFC champion jumped into the cage after his SBG Ireland teammate Charlie Ward scored a knockout victory.

Considering that McGregor wasn't supposed to be in the cage at all, security rushed on the scene to contain him. It was probably needed, too, as McGregor was shouting at the referee Marc Goddard after the match was over.

According to MMA Junkie, McGregor has a bit of a history with Goddard, so it's not too surprising that he confronted the ref yet again. Of course, choosing to do so at a Bellator show is... awkward.

Obviously McGregor hasn't been afraid to go into business for himself this year; the whole McGregor vs. Mayweather fight was about that. But a current UFC champion jumping into the ring at a Bellator show is akin to something you would see in the old wars between WWF and WCW, not the top two mixed martial arts promotions.

That said, don't expect to see McGregor actually with Bellator any time soon, but they will probably appreciate the buzz this is going to generate.

[H/T MMA Junkie]