Joe Schilling, MMA
(Getty Images)

MMA Fighter Joe Schilling Knocked Out Random Guy At Bar And Got Away With It

When you're confronting someone at a bar, you'd better make sure they're not a kickboxer or MMA fighter. One poor soul learned that the hard way when he stepped in front of Joe Schilling at a Florida bar.

Schilling gave him two quick blasts to the face, knocking out the individual before he even had a chance to blink.

So Schilling had to face the law. But guess what? A Florida court ruled that Schilling acted in self-defense.

The victim decided to sue Schilling — and perhaps he even ticked off Schilling on purpose. A couple of blows to the head might be worth a few (hundred) thousand bucks, after all.

If so, it didn't work. All the guy received was a knockout punch. No cash followed.

"This is a complete and total victory for Schilling, who was widely criticized on social media after this incident occurred," Schilling's attorney, David Katz, said in a news release at the time. "It is also a lesson to those looking to make a quick buck by causing problems and claiming damages.

"Florida law protects those who are forced to protect themselves and their loved ones, and our law firm is here to make sure those who are forced to defend themselves do not suffer further in our legal system either by wrongful arrest or wrongful civil actions such as this case."

So yeah, next time you come across an MMA fighter in the club, just do yourself a favor — and buy the guy a drink.