Sean Strickland, MMA
(Sean Strickland/YouTube)

MMA Fighter Sean Strickland Releases Full Video Of Easy Takedown Of Navy SEAL

If you're not a real MMA fighter, you should get in the cage with someone who is. That's the hard lesson learned by a Navy SEAL who dared to face Sean Strickland.

Strickland made easy work of his opponent, a former SEAL who goes by the name of Mitch Aguiar now a full-fledged MMA fighter. The outcome was almost laughable, as Strickland seemingly held back. Things could've been much worse.

This was all the result of some SEALS very publicly saying they could take Strickland. So Aguiar put it to the test, and kudos to him for even trying.

Without a doubt, SEALs are tough dudes. The rest of us wouldn't want to mess with them. They are to be commended and respected. But that doesn't make them MMA professionals. If the rules were different, and perhaps there was some water involved, the SEALS would have a chance. Against other similar combatants, they would unquestionably come out on top.

But again, this is the MMA and this is Strickland.

Speaking of, he was incredibly gracious in victory, saying that Aguiar was "tough as nails" and that he had Strickland's "respect" after a tough training fight.

Per David Hookstead of Outkick:

"Strickland did nothing more than really toy and play with Aguiar, and while the former SEAL never got knocked out, it was only because Strickland clearly didn't want to hurt him. There was nothing the UFC fighter wanted to do that he couldn't. However, he also showered his opponent with praise after the butt-kicking."

You can watch the entire video directly below.