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Denny Hamlin is starting to get a bit of a reputation with younger drivers. Basically, they just don’t seem to get along. Last year it was a feud with Chase Elliott in the playoffs, but this year, it started in the very first race.

Here is Denny Hamlin having words with rookie of the year candidate Bubba Wallace after the Daytona 500:

Hamlin is clearly not thrilled with Wallace. It is hard to hear what all of what was said, but a certain four-letter word can be heard clearly from Hamlin.

It all started at the end of the race, when Wallace and Hamlin were battling to the finish. After crossing the finish line, Hamlin put Wallace into the wall on the front stretch. A clearly perturbed Wallace took a shot at Hamlin in his post-race interview:

“I want to see the replay before I say anything stupid but he may need to take some Adderrall for that one,” he said.

That’s a clear reference to Hamlin’s remarks last week on a BarStool Sports podcast that 70 percent of NASCAR drivers were taking Adderall or some other ADD-type drug. Hamlin later backtracked and said he was joking.

Hamlin claimed he blew a tire and that’s why he ran into Wallace, but Wallace clearly doesn’t think that is the case.

In the post-race altercation, the two drivers were shuffled off before anything physical breaks out, but we know NASCAR drivers, this isn’t over. If the Daytona 500 is any indication, Hamlin and Wallace will both be near the front next week in Atlanta, and some fireworks are sure to ensue.

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