As a man was dying, police say she came along and committed an amazingly heartless act

There are some things that leave you speechless.

A Greenbrier, Tennessee woman is facing multiple charges because police say she stole a wallet from a car wreck victim.

The Tennessean reported Brittney McCoy, 26, stole a wallet from Ronald Lewis Clinard, 67, a man who died in a car wreck near the apartment complex she lives at in July.

Police say McCoy used the man's credit card to buy cigarettes, beer and other items at a convenience store.

Police said they think McCoy took the wallet before others arrived on the scene to help.

"She claimed she found it lying by a tree," Greenbrier Police Chief K.D. Smith told The Tennessean Friday. "To my knowledge, she didn't try to help the victim. Another gentleman, the second person on the scene, was the one who called for help. He tried to care for the gentleman in the car, hold his head up and help all he could until the paramedics got there."

Police said Clinard's family alerted police to the missing wallet when they did not find it at the scene.

Investigators said they obtained surveillance video of McCoy buying items on Clinard's credit card at a convenience store.

"We spoke to her, interviewed her, and she showed no sign of any kind of remorse," Smith said.

A Greenbrier police news release said McCoy is charged with theft, burglary, tampering with evidence and fraudulent use of a credit card.

WKRN reported that McCoy is in the Robertson County jail on  $37,000 bond.

The Clinard family released a statement to Smokey Barn News:

The most sickening part of this all is knowing that there was a heartless person that took my father's personal property to use for their own good. ... There are no words that can express the feeling of this situation. All I will say is that justice will be served. To all of the friends, family, and emergency workers that assisted and came to the funeral home, much appreciation.