Batman's darkest story ever has its first official trailer, and it is chilling

That is chilling.

DC Comics and Warner Bros. have teamed up to give Batman fans something they've been clamoring for ever since 1988's The Killing Joke was published by comics distributor. Warner Bros. just released a trailer for an animated movie based on that story and it will not disappoint fans of the Alan Moore story.

The movie reunites Mark Conroy (the voice of Batman) and Mark Hamill (famed voice of the Joker) as the two rivals featured in the trailer. The story explains the mysterious and previously unknown origin of the madman known as the Joker and even has serious repercussions within the DC Universe.

It will be the second rated-R Batman movie ever with the extended cut of the Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice becoming the first. The tale flips back and forth between modern day Gotham and Joker's beginning to truly show the killer Joker's true insanity and how dangerous he is to not only Batman, but one of his greatest allies.


[h/t Polygon]