Charles Barkley just awkwardly admitted how much he hates Skip Bayless Twitter/Screenshot

A lot of people in the sports world aren’t exactly fans of former ESPN and current FOX Sports broadcaster Skip Bayless. Bayless has made a lot of inflammatory remarks over the years, and it’s rubbed many people the wrong way.

Charles Barkley’s hate for Bayless, though, might be on another level.

On the Dan Patrick Show, Barkley had this to say about Bayless:

If I get a disease and I’m gonna die, I want to bring… get Skip Bayless in here, and kill him live on national television.

For what it’s worth, Dan Patrick seemed perfectly on board with the idea, although a couple of his producers in the background dropped their heads into their hands at the suggestion.

Barkley did make sure to clarify: “Only when I know I’m gonna die.”

Of course, this was all in a bit of jest, even if Barkley does really hate guys like Bayless. But for everyone out there that also hates the former ESPN broadcaster, this was probably a welcome statement that will have many waiting for that pay-per-view event to pop up on their TV guide.

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