The future of sports television has been in the process of changing as more and more people are cutting the cord and only using streaming services.

ESPN has lost well over a million subscribers in the last year, and many people are ditching cable to avoid paying so much money for channels they don’t watch.

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To make matters worse, cable company Charter is planning to offer a new streaming service to their Internet subscribers called Spectrum Streaming.

The service will cost $20 per month, and it includes 25 TV channels including local TV networks, AMC, TNT and FX. For an additional $15 per month, subscribers can access more premium channels.

Sports channels will cost another $12 per month, and subscribers can get the HBO and Showtime packages for $7.50 per month each.

Even with all of the packages, it will still be cheaper than most cable contracts. There won’t be DVR because it’s streaming only.

Cable companies are now being forced to attract cord cutters with cheaper options. People don’t want to pay for several channels they never watch, so they are ditching expensive contracts and going with streaming options.

ESPN and all of its channels are more expensive due to some of the deals ESPN has made for broadcasting rights. ESPN has very expensive deals with the NFL for Monday Night Football, several conferences for college sports, and with the NBA. Since people have cut the cord, ESPN has been in a predicament financially, and they’ve been forced to fire several well known employees.

Streaming services will only make ESPN’s financial situation worse unless they can figure out an alternative.

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One cable company’s latest decision is sure to infuriate ESPN Robin Marchant/Getty Images for ESPN
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