ESPN personality raises the stakes, calls Fox Sports host “transvestite prostitute” live on air OutKickTheCoverage via Twitter

Yes, we are deep into the silly season in sports.

Baseball has just started. The NBA and NHL are about to embark on long and tortured playoffs that won’t get really interesting until June. The NFL draft is still two weeks away.

That’s why, in the middle of April, a wise crack on a wise-crack show about a talking head being a transvestite prostitute makes news. And yeah, it’s hysterical.

In all started on Wednesday’s Dan Le Batard Show when the rambunctious ESPN hosts asked Siri whether the movie star and comedian Eddie Murphy ended up with a transvestite prostitute. Siri, in its alluring robot voice, said: “Let me check that. Here’s what I found on the web for, ‘Did Eddie Murphy end up with a transvestite prostitute?”

In the background, you can hear Le Batard’s sidekick, Stugotz say , “Like Travis?” before the room exploded in laughter.

So this deserves a little explanation. Back in 1997, Murphy was busted with a transvestite hooker in his car, but said he was just offering the distraught prostitute a ride home. He was never charged with a crime because authorities never found any evidence that anything illegal happened.

Travis refers to Clay Travis, a lawyer-turned talk show host who is now works for Fox Sports.

For his part, Travis seemed to relish in it.

He also wrote about it on his Outkick the Coverage site, and his take was comedy gold.


Now some of you may think this is just a joking aside, but you’re wrong. This is actually huge news because being a man pretending to be a woman who is sleeping with a black man pretty much ensures me the ESPY for courage this year.

The silly season is great when the silly is, too., And in this case, it was.

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