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ESPN personality speaks out following reports of “poisonous” relationship with former partner

He does have a problem, just not the one you think.

ESPN's long-running Mike & Mike radio simulcast will be coming to an end later this year, as Mike Greenberg will be taking over a new morning show while Mike Golic continues on radio alongside Trey Wingo. While the change isn't happening for months, word emerged that Greenberg and Golic reportedly have a "poisonous" relationship at the moment, presumably because of how things went down to ignite the changes.

"Greeny and I have talked. Greeny and I are fine. In all honesty, I had more of a problem and was a little disappointed that people that work on my show would anonymously throw stuff out there. I'm not a big fan of the anonymous thing.

"If you can't put your name to it, I don't know why you'd say it. But Greeny and I are fine. We absolutely are.

In addition to indicating that his issues were more with anonymity than with Greenberg, Golic went on to address why the show hasn't been terribly reflective in the aftermath of public announcements.

"The reason why it's tough to talk about the end of the show on air is because we don't know when the end of the show's going to be. So why get nostalgic in May when we may be doing the show another six months?

"There'll be time, once they tell us, 'This is the plan for the end of the show,' and then we can start planning some of those things to end the show. We'll probably do more giveaways for fans, because if we didn't have the listeners and viewers, there's no way this show goes 18 years."

Frankly, this makes sense. There is no reason to begin an elaborate sign-off with months to go, yet it was clear that Golic was frustrated on-air when the announcement was made. It will be interesting to follow the situation as the days tick off before the final close of the program but Golic isn't buying the reported narrative.