Fans of the Week: The Big Ten gets weird, drunk LSU fans fall down while kissing

College football fans are not short on their enthusiasm for their team or their conference.

Rutgers made their Big Ten debut on Saturday and it had Scarlet Knight fans all excited. Well, okay, it had this one fan really excited. So excited that he put tape on his chest and laid in the sun so that he would have a tan line saying "Hello Big Ten." Legendary.

But wait, there's more on the back:


Rutgers lost to Penn State 13-10 in its Big Ten opener which is the most #B1G score possible. The Scarlet Knights are going to fit right in.

Welcome to the Big Ten.

Speaking of the Big Ten, this happened at Michigan's game.


(pic via Barstool Sports, h/t gamedayr)

I guess when you finally score some points for the first time in two weeks you have to celebrate by licking your boyfriend's ear. I get it, it's an exciting time.

Don't think it was just the Big Ten that was getting weird on Saturday. Let's check on the good folks down in Baton Rouge.

There's a lot going on here. First, it looks like when you try to push two magnets together, but they just won't touch. Then, once they finally lock in for the kiss, DOWN GOES FRAZIER!

Stay classy, college football fans. Stay classy.