Five must-do activities at the College Football Hall of Fame

Home to some of sports' greatest athletes, the College Football Hall of Fame opened to the public Saturday.

Focused on an entirely personalized experience, each fan is given a unique ticket upon entrance, which allows the guest's favorite team to be recognized throughout the exhibit.

With that said, let's take a look at five must-do activities while visiting the Hall of Fame.

5. Sing your school's fight song 


A karaoke-style area allows you to enjoy singing your favorite school's fight song while a camera records the action and uploads it to the Hall of Fame website. Don't worry though, only you can access the sing-a-long through a unique code on the back of your ticket.

4. Watch a highlight video in the theatre


It's rare to find a museum video exhibit as exciting as this one. Filled with in-your-face HD video, practice clips, coaches yelling and bone-crushing hits, it's an excellent montage and a great addition to the Hall of Fame.

3. Interactive media board


Enjoy a more personalized media exhibit for your team with the interactive touchscreen board, which spans the length of the room. Simply walk up to the board, flash your personalized ticket and swipe through videos and pictures of your team as they pop up directly in front of you.

2. Make your selection at the College GameDay set


What's cooler than sitting between virtual versions of Chris Fowler and Desmond Howard? With a simple flash of the ticket, and you're reading the teleprompter, picking the winner of a game and celebrating Lee Corso-style. Oh yeah, and it's all uploaded to the Hall of Fame website accessed by your unique ID.

1. The Hall of Fame itself


It's really what everyone comes here to see and it's absolutely astounding. In yet another twist, fans can swipe their ticket and spin the 360-degree interactive boards around to see players from their favorite team as they were inducted year-to-year.

Bordering the room are light-up boards that have every player enshrined in the Hall categorized by year.