Here's the zaniest "inside-the-park homerun" you'll see today

The ball never left the infield, but Memphis freshman Brandon Montgomery somehow rounded each base to give the Memphis Tigers a 2-1 lead. Here's how Montgomery got his "inside-the-park homerun."

With a runner on second, the freshman hit a routine ground ball to shortstop. The runner on second got stuck in a pickle between second and third. He stayed in the pickle long enough for Montgomery to advance to second. Thinking the play was over, the Bulls turned their back to Montgomery. That wasn't the smartest thing to do. Noticing that the Bulls weren't paying attention, Montgomery took off for third. He wasn't done there. Seeing that the catcher wasn't covering home, the freshman took off for home and beat the catcher to the plate.

And that's why, kids, you always pay attention when runners on base and listen to hear if the umpires call "time."

Memphis would go on to win 4-1.