This high school basketball player is 7’7″ and set to dominate his opponents MaxPreps

When you’re a 7-foot-7 high school basketball player, there shouldn’t be a soul anywhere on the planet that can stop you.

For Robert Bobroczky, a Romanian import who came to Ohio’s Spire Institute to hoop, indications are good that will one day be the case.

The freshman is already the second tallest basketball player in the world, and taller than any player in the NBA. After dropping everyone’s jaw on social media with videos of his surprisingly wide-ranging skill set, one school administrator in particular was inspired to pursue him.

“Oddly enough, it all started on Facebook,” Spire Institute executive director Bobby Bossman told MaxPreps. “We reached out to him a year ago and got to know him and his family. They trusted us and came over to America to visit and here we are. He’s been at our school for three months now and lives on campus.”

Bobroczky’s genetics come from his 7-foot-1 father Zsiga, who played alongside 7-foot-7 Gheorghe Muresan on the Romanian national team. Muresan and former Philadelphia 76er Manute Bol are the two tallest players in NBA history.

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Bossman, who started the school’s basketball program and is its former head coach, said he expects Bobroczky to debut for Spire by the middle of next month. And he says he already has the tools to become the kind of all-court player that doesn’t come around that often.

“Robert has a great mid-range shot for his size and can also step out and hit three-pointers,” Bossman continued. “He has great hands, passing ability and a soft touch around the rim. He has the body, intelligence and skill set to become a pro one day. He’s not even close to reaching his potential.”

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