If you think Jerry Springer is bad, check out the mother of all TV brawls

If you thought the fighting in Batman V Superman wasn’t enough, then look no further than this Russian Wedding TV show.

Not five seconds into this clip and some dude Daredevil kicks a bride in the stomach, sending her flying backwards over her seat! The the idiot charges her like she’s some dude that just hit his woman.

They clearly need to beef up security because some random guy leaves the audience and attacks one of the guests of the show while the (seemingly) only two guards dealt with the first idiot.

Bodies, chairs and fists fly plenty on this show and all you can wonder is: what could have been said/done to send all of these people into this violent frenzy?

These guys make Jerry Springer look like Monday morning programming on PBS. Couldn’t help but try and listen for someone to yell “Finish Him!”

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