In the save of the year so far, player drives across empty net and knocks puck out of the air with his stick

You’re not supposed to leave the net open and live to tell the story of a tremendous save, the operative phrase being “supposed to.” Luckily for the St. Johns Ice Caps, that’s exactly what happened because right wing Bud Holloway made the save of his life.

I can’t begin to fathom how difficult it is to block a small, black object traveling about 90 mph with a mask that’s visually limiting. Now think about that while diving to block said object. With a wide-open net, Holloway came out of nowhere, hurled himself across the ice, lifted his stick — and swatted the puck away.

This falls into the category of seeing is believing.

That takes dexterity, anticipation, a crap ton of guts and some other ingredients that I don’t know even exists. Holloway and the Caps got iced 4-1 by the Binghmanton Senators, but at least he leaves with one helluva consolation prize.

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