Controversial ESPN personality releases statement after move away from SportsCenter Mike Windle/Getty Images
attends ESPN The Party on February 5, 2016 in San Francisco, California.

On Friday morning, word broke that ESPN’s Jemele Hill would be transitioning from her role as an anchor on SC6 and into a much different position with ESPN’s The Undefeated. While the news of her departure was certainly noteworthy, Hill’s versatility and unique voice seem to work well outside of the confines of SportsCenter and ESPN’s official release reconfirmed the original story that it was actually Hill that requested the change.

However, Hill undoubtedly heard from many of her detractors in the immediate aftermath of the announcement and the presence of apparent conspiracy theories seemingly drove her to a direct Twitter response.

Hill made sure to point out that, yes, it was her choice to request the move and that ESPN simply accommodated it. While that makes complete sense given her explanation, Hill’s rise in prominence in conjunction with comments made about President Donald Trump likely produces a segment of her following that will always be skeptical and negative of her intent.

In short, Hill makes it quite clear that she is excited about her next step and ESPN has every reason to support and empower her to do her best work in the future. That won’t stop push-back from various corners of the country but Jemele Hill will be moving away from SportsCenter on Feb. 2 and she isn’t going anywhere with regard to ESPN.

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