Canadian women's hockey player Jocelyne Larocque @NBCOlympics/Twitter

Canadian women’s hockey player Jocelyne Larocque is coming under fire following a Winter Olympic medal ceremony.

Apparently, she dislikes coming in second place.

Here is video of the ceremony. You will notice as soon as the silver medal is placed around her neck, Larocque removes it.

On Thursday, the Canadians fell to the Americans. It is partially why this entire ordeal went down.

The people upset at Larocque are mostly calling her a poor sport (or worse). For whatever it is worth, in every other sporting competition that is not either version of the Olympics, no one is ever cool with celebrating second place. Furthermore, players aren’t ever happy when losing in the title game.

Basically, at least from this internet scribbler’s point of view, the backlash toward Larocque being unhappy for not winning is weird. It would be like getting angry at LeBron James for him being upset over not winning another ring this season.

Of note: Of the people complaining most, they are residing in the dark confines of social media. A place where even objectively awesome stuff gets whined about because, you know, opinions are like…

Alas, the semantics of handing out medals to the people who didn’t actually win in the Olympics is a time honored tradition. Then again, so are a bunch of other nefarious things.

Nevertheless, this story will likely blow over as the Winter Games are still happening.

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