11-year-old football player shoots at teammates.
Screenshot from camera footage

11-Year-Old Football Player Shoots Teammates After Practice

An 11-year-old child in Florida pulled a gun and shot at his teammates after practice during an altercation.

An 11-year-old football player shot two of his teammates during an altercation Monday at a Florida youth football practice, surveillance footage shows.


In the clip, you can see a young boy run to a vehicle in the parking lot, reach into the passenger seat, grab a gun and fire at another youth whose back was turned.

Then, a woman removes the gun from this child's possession.

"[The altercation] continued into the parking lot where this juvenile had access to a firearm in his mother's car," Apopka Police Chief Mike McKinley said during a press conference Tuesday.

The incident occurred around 8:20 p.m. at the Northwest Recreation Complex in Apopka.

The shot was fired at a 13-year-old teammate. The single round struck one youth and slightly wounded a second. The bullet hit the first youth in the upper body and clipped the other in the arm.

Fortunately, both kids are expected to recover.

The shooter was charged with one count of second-degree attempted murder.

"Nobody wants to arrest an 11-year-old, by any means," McKinley said, "but based on our investigation we feel those charges are warranted."

In addition to the youth who fired the shot, charges could be levied against his parents if police determine they had left the gun where the child could easily access it.

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