LFL player pulls a Stone Cold and chugs a beer at midfield to celebrate winning MVP

The Chicago Bliss of the Legends Football League (formerly the Lingerie Football League) dominated the Omaha Heart by a 49-0 over the weekend. Bliss safety Alli Alberts was awarded the game MVP honors, and celebrated in a very unique fashion.

Alberts got a bottle of beer (which they apparently keep on the sidelines of the LFL) and ran out to midfield to chug it in celebration like she's Stone Cold Steve Austin.

stone cold gif

Alberts is a trend-setter. I'm all for beer-chugging to become a bigger part of sports celebrations. Pretty much every sports celebration would be more entertaining if the star ran out to the middle of the field or court or whatever and chugged a beer. I'm not talking in the locker room where we see the champagne and beer celebrations, I'm saying they just go straight out onto the field and throw down.