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20 Awesome Things Your Man Cave Needs ASAP

Making a house into a home takes time. You need to find the perfect balance in every room to create the ideal place for the stresses of the world to simply fall away. Every home needs a place where the guys retreat to do, well, guy things. While She Sheds are the answer for women, there's just no room in your house that rivals a perfectly constructed DIY man cave.

Sports, hunting, cars and beer are the four main pillars of American manhood. No matter where you call home, these are things that bring all of us together in one way or another. Outside of your local watering hole, inviting the boys over is the perfect storm for a good time. Whether that's the basement, the garage, or even at your nearby campsite, check out these 20 perfect hacks to transform any room into your perfect man cave.

1. Shotgun Shell Toilet Paper Holder

Let's be honest. The most important place in the man cave is the toilet. Comfort is number one, but style is number two. This Old River Shotgun Toilet Paper Holder is a must-have for every man cave bathroom.

2. Pool Table Team Cover

Pool tables are the cornerstone of a great man cave. When it's just for show, represent your favorite team with an Officially Licensed NCAA Pool Table Cover. (Don't worry, there are more available than just Alabama...) If it's a professional team you root for, check out these NFL Table Covers available for almost every franchise!

3. Stained Glass Game Room Light

If pool isn't your game and you're always crowded around the poker table, this Stained Glass Tiffany Style Poker Light is perfect to set the tone. It comes complete with a chain to hang from the ceiling and its two-light design is perfect to light up the room.

4. Collegiate Team Bar Stools

Next to your big screen TV, the bar is the sacred place where trade secrets get swapped in the man cave. Do it while representing your favorite college teams with these Best of Times Collegiate Bar Stools. Don't worry if Ohio State isn't your team. You can get them for a variety of schools on Amazon!

5. Dart Board w/ NFL Team Cabinet

Games keep the party going, and none are better mixed with a few beers than darts. Get your sports memorabilia collection going with this Cabinet Set with Steel Tip Bristle Dartboard and Darts for whatever NFL team you'll be rooting for Sundays. The front of the solid pine wood cabinet also has the NFL team logo on it when closed! Heck, you can throw this in your home office and secretly slack on your late night work...

6. Grizzly Bear Bottle Opener

I can't fill your man cave with beer, but I can definitely help you open a few. This Grizzly Bear Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener is about three inches in size, cast iron, and that aged gold color looks great on any wall.

7. Man Cave Signs

Man cave decor reflects exactly who you are, what kind of place this is, and what kind of good times you're about to have. There are way too many signs to count, but here are a few of my favorites to keep you busy in the mean time!

8. Second Amendment American Flag Banner

Need another decor idea? How about displaying our country's flag in your modern man cave with this Vintage American Flag Banner featuring the Second Amendment written on it. At 3-foot by 5-foot, it's a great addition to any wall that needs some color, and to remind anyone coming over that this house believes in the right to bear arms.

9. Firewood Rack with Tools

If you have a fire pit or indoor fireplace, this 3-Foot Firewood Rack and Kindling Holder is the last one you'll ever need. It holds kindling, logs, and is complete with four tools to help contain and clean your fire pit after every burn. At only 25 pounds and made of steel, it's easy to move and durable in outdoor conditions.

10. Rack for BBQ Utensils and Smoker Box

If you aren't grilling, your man cave might as well be useless during the summer. This Hook Rack for BBQ Utensils and Smoker Box for Grill Wood Chips is cheap, sleek, and fits into any grill base. If the smoker box isn't for you, you can get the rack alongside a new set of utensils, a brush, meat tenderizer, pigtail flippers or skewers!

11. Rolling, Portable Patio Cooler

If the party is both inside and outside of your garage man cave, this Portable Rolling Cooler is perfect. At 80 quarts, it's big, comes complete with a bottle opener on the side, and comes in a few different colors and styles.

12. 2-in-1 Picnic Table and Bench

Need a few extra spots for company? This lightweight 2-in-1 Wooden Picnic Table and Garden Bench is a perfect seating area inside, and even has an umbrella hole just in case you want to take this piece of man cave furniture outside!

13. DIY Bottle Cap Coffee Table

Have a bunch of extra bottle caps laying around? Turn them into a coffee table! Check out the above YouTube video courtesy of Brian Ealy for a super easy way to make your table that shouldn't take longer than a Saturday afternoon!

14. DIY Baseball Bat Hat Rack

For those of us who enjoy love starting up our own DIY projects, this Do It Yourself Hat Rack made out of a baseball bat is a perfect addition for the wall in your man cave!

15. DIY Wrench Coat Hangers

Now that you've got a place for hats, check out this awesome hack for your jacket! All you need is a few old wrenches and a set of clamps to bend them, and you've got yourself the perfect coat hangers to give you that rustic man cave feel.

16. DIY Truck Bed Bar

Need a unique man cave bar design idea? Check out this Do It Yourself hack using the bed of an old Chevrolet truck that transformed perfectly into an indoor bar!

17. DIY 2-in-1 Cooler and Couch

Last but not least, if you and a friend just want to sit down at your home theater, kick back and get drunk, this custom couch with a built-in cooler is all the comfort you'll ever need. Want a simple way to make? Check out one person did it using a few wooden pallets they had laying around!

Have the ultimate man cave idea but don't know how where to start? Hopefully, there are enough interior design hacks here to keep you busy and construct your own man cave from scratch. Every cool man cave is unique, and that's what makes them great.

When you're finished, I'll be happy to come over and give it a test drive for you. Good luck!

Have a cool man cave ideas that we missed? Let us know how you designed your own awesome man cave!

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