Meet Taishon Dong, the 7-foot, 286 pound giant heavyweight boxing sensation

This is Taishon Dong, the world's largest heavyweight boxer — naturally the massive man from China is nicknamed "The Great Wall" — who is turning heads in the ring with an early 2-0 record (2 KO) and will look to go to 3-0 when he fights tonight on Fox Sports 1.

Dong is stands at 7-foot tall, weighing in at 286 pounds and has 84" long arms, making him the largest heavyweight boxer in the world, far bigger than the lineal champ Wladimir Klitschko — 6-foot-6, 246 pounds — and even bigger than rising star Deontay Wilder — 6-foot-7, 215 pounds. What makes Dong so unique is that he's so well built and moves as fluidly as he does for his height.

Dong has a background in MMA and Kickboxing prior to his recent transition to boxing — he made his debut last July. He has plenty to work at if he is to rise through the heavyweight ranks, but his length and power is undeniable. He has pretty solid footwork considering his inexperience and he has incredible power in all his punches, including a brutally punishing left jab that he can land from great distance — he scored a knockdown with it in his first fight, which you can see below.


He fights tonight against Roy McCrary (3-2, 2 KO) on Fox Sports 1.