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ESPN host nearly retired when he found out about changes to his popular radio show

That seems drastic.

When it comes to sports entertainment, Mike And Mike has been a staple — both on the radio and simulcast on television — for forever.

Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg have spent many-a-morning breaking down the sports world and they've been so good at it, in fact, that they've become part of American pop-culture, and certainly part of American sports culture.

Mike and Mike has been a staple, especially for ESPN, but with Greeny moving on from the show and Golic remaining as the other half of the puzzle, it's being reported that ESPN very well could have lost the former NFL defensive lineman to retirement.

Recently speaking to the New York Post, Golic relayed that he almost hung up his headphones. That is until he learned that Trey Wingo and his very own son, Mike Golic Jr., would become his new partners.

"Until I found out it was Trey and Mike, [I thought] maybe at the end of the deal, I just move on, head out to Arizona and retire," Golic told The Post over the phone as he prepared for the final week of "Mike & Mike," whose last show is Friday.

"But they presented me the thought of Trey doing it and then my son, and ... I still love doing it, I still love talking sports. So like I said, I changed teams a few times in the NFL, so it's the same game I'm playing, just with different teammates."

Life is still going to be extremely different without Mike and Mike in its truest form, but Golic and Wingo should have some good rapport and the same can be said of Golic and his son, obviously. Greenberg is also sticking around with ESPN, hosting a morning show Michelle Beadle and Jalen Rose, so all is well that ends well in Bristol.