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10 of the Best Nike Running Shorts for Everyone

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I don't know how anyone can work out without the proper attire — and when it comes to running, the most important apparel is a pair of athletic shorts that are breathable, moisture-wicking, and move with your body. Luckily, Nike running shorts do just that. A good pair of running shorts will make running feel like a breeze — once you feel how breathable these running shorts, you're never going to go back to another pair of shorts.

One of the best qualities of Nike running shorts are the Nike Dri-FIT technology made to keep you cool. Dri-FIT technology is proprietary to Nike and works to wick away sweat and disperses it evenly through your clothing, so it evaporates quickly. Besides sweat-wicking materials, you'll want to consider what type of short fits your running needs. Sprinters love wearing tights, as many say they help with speed. Tights also eliminate noise, so if you hate the sound of fabric rubbing, you'll enjoy tight shorts. Some runners prefer tights underneath their shorts (known as two-in-one shorts) for more coverage. We kept these in mind as we picked the best Nike running shorts, and we also considered specs like storage and reflectivity. Keeping your phone on you during runs is important, as is staying visible when running at night.

We rounded up ten of the best Nike running shorts for men and women below.

Best Nike Running Shorts for Men

1. A Classic Pair of Shorts

Nike Men's Flex Stride 7" Running Shorts - Amazon, $69.99+

Nike's Flex fabric is made to stretch with your body. These shorts feature Dri-FIT technology to keep you cool. Since it moves sweat away, your skin will stay dry. There's a 2-way drawcord that can be worn externally or internally. Use the zippered pocket on the back to hold your phone. Just be sure you remember your Bluetooth headphones.

2. Best Mid-Thigh Short

nike running shorts - 2 inch inseam


Nike Fast Men's 2" Running Shorts - Nike, $28.97

Show off your toned thighs with Nike's 2'' running shorts. These are the shorts you want for long-distance runs — especially in the heat. You'll stay cool since they're lightweight and perforated. These short shorts will pair perfectly with your lightweight racing tanks. Choose between blue, pink, and black.

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3. Best in Style

Nike AeroSwift Men's 4" Running Shorts - Nike, $64.97

Nike's AeroSwift shorts are perfect for the runner who likes to run in style. The breathable shorts have a lightweight design, which is perfect for long-distance runners. The shorts are made with sweat-wicking technology and have a ventilated waistband to help keep you cool. A major perk is that they're made with sustainable materials. The shorts are made with at least 75% recycled fabric. A customer called them perfection and wrote, "I have 42 marathons under my belt, the perfect running shorts, all seamless."

4. Best Running Tights

Nike Dri-FIT Fast Men's 1/2-Length Racing Tights - Nike, $40

Running tights are great for a lightweight, silky smooth fit. You can wear them as a base or only layer. If you plan on doing some sprints, you'll enjoy wearing tights. They're easy to move in and you'll feel light as a feather. The shorts are equipped with a discrete pocket for a car key and phone. If you have a track star or athlete in your life, consider gifting him these tights.

5. Best 2-in-1 Shorts

Nike Flex Stride Men's 7" 2-In-1 Running Shorts - Nike, $33.97

2-in-1 shorts will pique your interest if you like wearing tights under your running shorts. The soft liner adds support where you need it and the woven fabric gives you breathability in high-sweat areas. And of course, we're big fans of the storage here. A roomy back pocket will hold your phone and the side pockets are great for your keys and headphones. These shorts are made with 50% recycled polyester fibers, making them a great pick for sustainable clothing.

Best Nike Running Shorts for Women

6. A Classic Pair of Shorts

Nike Dri-FIT Run Division Tempo Luxe Women's 3" Running Shorts - Nike, $33.97

The Tempo Luxe shorts are lightweight and have a high-waist design. These shorts are pretty standard running shorts, but you'll stay cool and look stylish for under $35. There's added reflectivity along the fabric and there are pockets for your phone or small Bluetooth headphones. They'll make a great pair of shorts for someone getting into running. They'll be easy to match with their current line-up of workout tanks.

7. Best for Long-Distance Running

Nike Women's Dry 10K Running Shorts - Amazon, $19.99+

Nike's 10K shorts are popular because of the curved hem. I have a pair of these shorts and prefer this hem: They're comfortable to stretch in, plus there's an elastic waistband. There are also mesh inserts for enhanced breathability. These sweat-wicking shorts are key to keeping cool. One reviewer gave the polyester shorts five stars and wrote, "Excellent quality, as you'd expect from Nike, and the fit was spot on. High performance fabric that wicks well. Highly recommended."

8. Best Tights

Nike AeroSwift Women's Tight Running Shorts - Nike, $68

Nike's AeroSwift shorts are perfect for women who like tight, stretchy shorts. I love a good pair of tight running shorts. Personally, compression shorts make me feel more "lightweight' when I run. The sweat-wicking shorts are made with recycled polyester fibers, so if sustainability is a must when shopping, consider these tights. A customer gave them five stars and wrote, "These are by far my favorite shorts for running. they are ridiculously comfortable and keep me cool on 5 mile runs (even in Texas heat!)." If they can keep you cool in the Texas heat, then these shorts are worth every penny.

9. Best Stylish Option

Nike Dri-FIT Icon Clash Tempo Luxe Women's Running Shorts - Nike, $48

Everyone needs a pair of fun running shorts. These unique shorts have a cool print — a cool switch-up for plain black, gray, or white shorts. If you run at the beach, you'll like having a fun pair of shorts for a summery vibe. Light up your route in the Nike Tempo Luxe shorts. They're super lightweight and have a supportive fit (you can customize the fit with the internal drawcord). You'll stay cool in them since they're lightweight and sweat-wicking.

10. Best 2-in-1 Shorts

Nike Flex Essential 2-in-1 Women's Training Shorts - Nike, $40

The woven outer layer and inner tight base layer are perfect for those who love wearing tights underneath running apparel. Enjoy flexibility with the added outer layer for extra coverage. Personally, I love the extra coverage for stretching and floor workout routines. These sweat-wicking shorts are a favorite for sprinters, joggers, and HIIT enthusiasts.

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