Now famous singer shows she's not Smarter than a Fifth Grader with her hilarious lack of knowledge

If you don't literally laugh out loud at this, you have zero sense of humor. This poor girl adheres to several stereotypes, none of which work well together on a show dedicated to showing how little people know. When asked what European country Budapest is the capital of, she responds with a question she deems as "stupid," and rightfully so.

Nathan, the kid she's going against, answered the question in about five seconds, but let's stop there. Not a lot of people are going to get this question right, even if they've heard of Budapest, so for that, let's cut her some slack. It's her next few responses that should cause for her immediate ethering.

"I thought Europe was a country?"
"Is France a country?!"

All the while, little Nathan is getting the laugh of his life, probably thinking "There's NO way this lady is THIS stupid!" When the host tells her the correct answer was Hungary, she responds "Hungry? I've heard of Turkey!"

Damn, now I'm hungary.

BTW —- the lady is Kellie Pickler, who gained famed as an American Idol contestant and is now a big country singer!.