Pressure grows on ESPN to fire Britt McHenry following her ugly, filmed tirade

UPDATE: According to TMZ, there are several ESPN staffers who reportedly want McHenry fired. Those who spoke with the gossip site went unnamed, but one person said, "She's the worst. Hopefully she's fired soon." Another staffer said it would be shocking if ESPN kept her on staff, while others called her replaceable and in need of humble pie. The next few days shall be interesting considering she has gotten lots of backlash from the public, and now her co-workers. I see no way that ESPN can keep her under contract.


ESPN reporter Britt McHenry was suspended for one week after her vicious tirade against a tow lot employee. In her temper tantrum, McHenry made fun of the employee's appearance, her education level and pretty much said she's better than the tow lot employee because she's on the news.

The video went viral very quickly, leading to almost every news outlet covering the story. ESPN and McHenry have received backlash for their decisions, and now some people are calling for the reporter to get fired.

As of writing this, an online petition has received 8,263 signatures calling for her firing. Her actions are inexcusable and should not be tolerated in any capacity. A one week suspension for what constitutes as bullying in my opinion is a huge joke.

I hope ESPN does the right thing and either suspends her for more time or fire her.

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