Quite possibly the worst flop of all time ended with this guy's teammate being pantsed


Serbia's matchup with Croatia Thursday provided some pretty good viewing. It was a tight ballgame the whole way through the Olympic quarterfinal, with Serbia ultimately coming out on top 86-83.

The highlight of the game, however, had little to do with basketball. In a play that took its cue from the theatrics of the soccer pitch, 6-10 Serbian center Nikola Jokic---who plays for the NBA's Denver Nuggets---flailed about as wildly as that famous Real Madrid star after a spirited shove from Croatian player and Philadelphia 76er Dario Saric.

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On his way to the hardwood, Jokic broke his fall by latching onto his teammate Milos Tedosic's shorts and pulling them all the way down to the poor guy's knees. Thankfully, he was wearing a clean pair of skivvies at the time.