When being awkward, don’t draw attention to your awkwardness. It’s how you avoid mishaps like this one, only this happened on live TV.

News anchors love introducing themselves and if you’re the lead anchor, you can do both. Todd, our lead anchor here, decided to introduce himself and nearly forgot about his co-anchor Marci. Marci, not to be left out, was about to remind the audience that she, too, was on the show but not before Todd caught his mistake.

That’s when things got awkward.

“I almost jumped you there. Sorry,” Marci said, in reference to her own intro. Todd wasn’t about to let that comment go without backing it with a dirty one.  “That’s okay, you can jump me anytime you…not that way,” Todd sheepishly said, realizing just what it was he was alluding to.

Marci shot him, and the camera, the look mothers give their children after they’ve lied to them about having cleaned their rooms.

Had he not explained what he didn’t mean, I’m pretty sure no one would have caught it. It’s just how things work. Since he brought attention to his faux pas, we all think he’s a horn dog who loves to have his bones jumped by his co-anchor.

Well done, Todd.


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