Shirtless man gets stuck upside-down in a basketball hoop, police and firemen rescue him

This is by far the strangest thing you will see today.

A man in Seattle got his foot stuck in a basketball hoop at Cal Anderson Park during the city’s May Day festivities. There’s no explanation of how he got himself up there or why his foot was stuck, but really, there wouldn’t be a good explanation anyways. He was flailing around so aggressively — and reportedly had a hammer, for some reason — so the police just stood there until he tired himself out. FOURTEEN OF THEM.

Eventually, with the help of the fire department, they were able to extricate him from the hoop. The Seattle Police Twitter account even had a joke about the incident.

We need to bring the Sonics back to Seattle immediately, because clearly their absence has made people forget what you’re supposed to actually do with a basketball hoop and this could become an epidemic.

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