Cold Pizza host Skip Bayless on the ESPN set in Miami, Florida on February 1, 2007. (Photo by Allen Kee/Getty Images) *** Local Caption ***

Skip Bayless claims he was the most underpaid personality at ESPN

C'mon now, Skip.

Skip Bayless, famous for his wild takes and outlandish opinions during 12 years at ESPN, is settling in nicely at Fox Sports 1.

And by settling in, that means the guy who ESPN afforded the opportunity to talk up Tim Tebow endlessly, slam LeBron James and spew nonsense on its television station Monday thru Friday is now retroactively tossing jabs at the worldwide leader, via Recode Media (H/T FTW). And not for a lack creative ability or something reasonable, but because he didn't think he was paid quite enough.

Bayless: "We were, I think, the biggest success story at ESPN given our format."

Kafka: "You become a star. You make a ton of money there. You're at ESPN, which even though it's challenged now, is by far the dominant sports network."

Bayless: "Quick point of order, I did not make a ton of money at ESPN, but go ahead."

Kafka: "I bet you were not poorly paid."

Bayless: "By what I was giving them, I was poorly paid. I was the most underpaid on-air talent at ESPN for 12 years — that's my opinion. Not in the end, they came around, but that went on for a long time."


Bayless would eventually bounce to Fox Sports 1, where he's joined by Shannon Sharpe on the network's Undisputed show. According to Sports Illustrated, Bayless is bringing in a cool $5.5 million per year, compared to the $4 million he was offered at ESPN.