The last Suicide Squad trailer gives us the real villain of the movie

Looks like we know how the mission turned out.

We all thought we might have gotten the last good Suicide Squad trailer a few weeks back, but it turns out that the San Diego Comic-Con is a great place for last trailers. That's exactly what we were given with another three minutes of footage from the upcoming movie and a better idea of who the real villain will be in this movie.

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While most of the main characters are villains they all are teaming up to stop one in particular and it looks like it will be the Enchantress. She'll be trying to destroy the world through some crazy magic and our Suicide Squad will be the ones to stop her. We got a better look at one of the magical creatures the Enchantress summons and exactly how much damage is going to be done.

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We've also got a meaner Amanda Waller to go with the tip off that the squad didn't exactly complete its mission and could be facing some serious consequences for it. Deadshot (Will Smith) gives us a pretty great Phil Jackson reference and the action doesn't disappoint either.