The last Suicide Squad trailer is here and it's more popular than we could have imagined

And this is only going to make the movie even more popular next month!

The newest trailer for Suicide Squad is out we find out just how mean Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) can be as the puppet master for Task Force X or better known as the Suicide Squad to you and me.

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Waller is running the whole outfit and that's for a good, yet very mysterious reason. Although there are horror stories about what Waller is capable of no one seems to want to believe it and Captain Rick Flag is one of them. He's the field commander for the Squad and we see in the latest trailer that he is regretting his decision to sign on with the team.

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The trailer also shows just how perfect Davis is to play the part as the scary and badass lady behind the scenes pulling all of the strings. Now we just have to wait for the movie to come out so we can see her in all of her acting glory! By the way, the new trailer had over one million views in the course of a day so now you have an idea of just how popular this movie is going to be.