The newest Suicide Squad trailer is the grandest "Ballroom Blitz" DC Comics could ever offer

August is way too far away!

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The latest and greatest Suicide Squad trailer is here and it is way too much. It's over two minutes of DC comics baddies showing off their best —- or worst in some cases —- stuff set to another iconic jam. This time it's Sweet's "Ballroom Blitz" and that's exactly what you can expect when you watch this trailer.

There's Will Smith's Deadshot showing off even more badassery and Harley Quinn gets a little more focus in this trailer and we see the appearance of the notorious mallet she became famous for swinging around in the old school Batman: The Animated Series cartoon. El Diablo gets some more screen time as well and we find out how he can light up an entire building like he did in the previous trailer.

Killer Croc also gets some more love and we get a better look at his gross and scaly skin. There are some extra Joker clips and he even talks a bit! August 5th can't come soon enough for these baddies to go on their first suicide mission together.