This guy thought he could outrun a bull and how wrong was he?

For some reason, people think bull fighting is something enjoyable. I know it’s culturally acceptable for Spaniards, but just because it’s “acceptable” doesn’t make it any less idiotic.

Why this particular guy decided to run across the field is unclear. It’s not like he was provoked to do so, outside of some drunk buddies daring him. The moment he tries to put the jets on, that bull wasn’t going to “bull” around.
Imagine Ray Lewis charging at a running back who’s trying to set the edge, only to get leveled for a loss. That’s exactly what this hit looks like.
Only this guy had no helmet and took a bull’s head to the face.
The bull, satisfied with laying out another fool leaves the scene while his victim takes a much needed time out.
[h/t Bro Bible]

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