This is one of the biggest hits you’ll see on any field anywhere

Carlin Isles may be the fastest rugby player on the planet, but that hardly means anything if he can’t use that break-neck speed to escape getting his neck actually broken.

New Zealand rugby player Augustine Pulu lays absolutely obliterates Isles who, during a workout with the Detroit Lions, recorded a 40-time of 4.22 seconds. There’s no question the kid has speed.

Here’s Isles racing a Lions teammate and winning by nearly a mile.

Unfortunately for him, dropping the hammer in the manner that Pulu did totally negates all of that speed. To add insult to injury, Pulu gave Isles’ jersey a bit of a tug, as if to say “I possess your soul.”

Isles, probably feeling like his speed was stolen from him as well, had some choice words for Pulu after the hit, and extra activity after the collision.

I just don’t think he can offer much at this point, considering all that Pulu took from him in that one blow.

[h/t Bro Bible]

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