Top 10 scariest mascots in college football released its list of scariest mascots in college football in honor of today being Halloween. This doesn't include live animal mascots like South Carolina's Sir Big Spur, Georgia's Uga, or Navy's Bill the Goat. Sorry to those schools that took the time to go out and find a live mascot to to intimidate their rivals, but that's not this list went down.

The list includes the Mountaineer from West Virginia, who is one of the few mascots that shows his real face and doesn't behind a mask. The next five one the list are Arizona State's Sun Devil, Western Kentucky's Big Red, Kansas State's Willie the Wildcat, Georgia Tech's Buzz, and Vanderbilt's Mr. C. The top four will really get you though with the Clemson Tiger and his crazy eyes, Oklahoma State's Pistol Pete complete with oversized head, Maryland's mutant Testudo who's supposed to be a terrapin, and finally Purdue Pete who looks like he came off the pages of an old comic book with his incredibly square jaw.

Purdue v Ohio State

Kansas v Georgia Tech

Weber State v Arizona State

Western Kentucky v Alabama