Winless Team Loses on Purpose for the Most Selfless Reason
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A high school team was a on the verge of notching its first win of the season, as they drove the field down 29-28 in the final seconds near the goal line. That’s when a player from the opposing team when down with a serious injury and had to be transported by Life Flight to the hospital, according to CBS.

The Woodlands High School junior varsity team then opted to kneel the ball on the final possession despite being near the end zone, ending the game and allowing the opposing team to focus fully on their injured teammate.

“It was a very teachable moment for both teams to remember the moment you take a stand for what’s greater for humanity, not what the scoreboard says,” said Woodlands coach David Colschen, via ABC 13.

The injured player was reportedly out of the hospital and doing much better.

This post was originally published on September 16, 2016.

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