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Youth football league cancelled after this horrifying threat against referees

Youth sports leagues are supposed to be about exercise, learning teamwork, and most of all: fun. Unfortunately for one Pennsylvania youth football league, their season is over after someone made an unbelievably horrifying threat against league officials.

From Facebook:

To all Colt Parents,

The following is the response from the league from today's events.

To all league officers, coaches, parents, players and cheerleaders,

The decision has been made with great regret that the 2015 MPAJF football season has been cancelled. After continued threats against League officials, coaches and referees, the League has only one option, to cancel the season. Today, October 13, 2015, ammunition shells were placed at the field gate with names of League officers printed with permanent marker. Due to the increase in violence of these threats, the safety of our children is the main concern. Decisions of this magnitude are not done lightly; rather they are done with the advice of the State Police, FBI, school administrators and League Officials. We hope that as parents you will agree with this decision and try and cooperate with everyone involved to bring forward the person or persons responsible for these actions. The league's future and our children's continued participation in future seasons is what is in jeopardy.

Thank you for your support

League Officers

Yes, someone took this to the level of printing names on ammunition shells and leaving them on the field. The magnitude of this threat is terrifying and the league has made the correct decision in cancelling the season for the safety of everyone involved.

Hopefully whoever did this is caught, as their is absolutely no reason for this. Come on, people.

[h/t For the Win]