20 years is never too long to wait: LeBron to star in sequel to MJ's greatest theatrical achievement


Ever since 1996's Space Jam came out, it's been an intergalactic hit. It starred everyone's favorite Looney Toons like Bugs Bunny, Lola Bunny, Daffy Duck and plenty more. There were live appearances from Bill Murray and Larry Bird as well as real life ballers like Charles Barkley, Buggsy Mogues, Shawn Bradley, Patrick Ewing and Larry Johnson who all saw their talent taken from them.

For those who haven't seen the movie (as if you haven't ever seen it) Michael Jordan is tasked by the Toons to save the animated Looney world after the Monstars from Moron Mountain on Mars take the above mentioned players' talents. He leads the ragtag group of animated characters to a win against these guys in a game of basketball.

Now it looks like LeBron James will get the opportunity to do the same thingThe Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Justin Lin (Fast and Furious 6 and Star Trek Beyond) will direct it. There has been excitement for a sequel in recent years and that picked up again when James and his company SpringHill Entertainment signed a deal with Warner Bros. in July.

With our luck, LeBron will end up getting Bugs Bunny traded for Kevin Love or fire player-coach Kevin Hart to bring in Carlos Mencia. Hopefully the sequel is as good as the first and James doesn't go on some two-year sabbatical to do it.