Andrea Bargnani won't play in what could be the worst NBA game of the season

Poor Andrea Bargnani. He's had a hell of a time staying healthy since he came to the New York Knicks last season. He hasn't played in a game since last January, when he tore a left elbow ligament. Then he hurt his right hamstring during the pre-season, and hasn't played yet in a regular season game. He was supposed to suit up tonight against the dreadful Philadelphia 76ers. But alas, he now has a strained right calf that will keep him sidelined a while longer.

There's one good thing about Bargnani —- this is the last year of his contract, so the Knicks will be free of this stiff soon.

BTW, did I note the putrid Knicks (3-12)  are playing the winless (0-12) Sixers? Two teams that play something that resembles basketball with one barely watchable star (Camelo Anthony) between them. Out of 30 teams in the NBA, the Knicks rank 24th and Philadelphia dead last, and they both give up a ton of points (Knicks about 101, Philly about 106). This could be the most unwatchable game in the NBA so far this season;