Bob Cousy drives to the hoop as a member of the Boston Celtics
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Bob Cousy Awaits Celtics Passing Lakers In Titles With 'Great Pride'

Bob Cousy is one of the NBA's last remaining legends from the pioneer era, spending his entire career with the Boston Celtics. And now, he wants to see the Celtics win it all again.

He may be in luck, as Boston currently holds a 3-0 series lead over the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Finals. Game 4 is Friday in Dallas and no team has ever overcome such a deficit. The Mavs are unlikely to be the first.

So Cousy, 95, is hoping a celebration isn't far off.

"I'm 95 f—-ing years old with one foot in the grave and I can barely move," Cousy told Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe. "I know I'm in overtime. So everything in your life becomes more meaningful. And one of the last things I want to be able to see is for the Celtics to hang up banner No. 18."

The Celtics are currently tied with the Los Angeles Lakers in all-time championships. So they are all set up to pass their dreaded cross-country rival here soon.

"I will take great pride in seeing this," Cousy said. "This puts us back ahead of the Lakers. To have been a part of that is as good a legacy as I could hope for."

The Lakers lost a legend earlier this week, when Hall of Famer Jerry West passed away at the age of 86. It added to what has been a difficult time for the NBA this postseason, in which Chet Walker and Bill Walton have also passed.

Cousy played for the Celtics from 1950-63, making the All-Star team as a 6-foot-1 point guard each time.

(Original Caption) Bob Cousy, coach of the Cincinnati Royals, is a man with problems. Not only is his team in next to last place, Cousy is also on the "outs" with his star player, Oscar Robertson, since being caught trying to trade the "Big O" without Oscar's permission, something demanded in the player's contract. Cousy is shown Feb. 7 as his team loses to the New York Knicks. Tom Van Arsdale is #5 and Norm Van Lier is #23.

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