Brooklyn Nets fire Lionel Hollins, GM King steps down

Brooklyn Nets coach Lionel Hollins has been released from the team and general manager Billy King has stepped down from the team according to several reports.

King was basically running a farm system for the Boston Celtics since they own so many of the Nets' future picks and Hollins really didn't have a team he could work with properly. The firing probably benefits Hollins at this point so he can go find a job on someone else's bench and not be in the spotlight trying to coach a terrible team. He will definitely be snatched up in the offseason if someone doesn't give him a job right away this season.

Some people are baffled as to why the Nets decided to pull the trigger on this move today as the Nets are pretty much stuck in the cellar with the team as it stands. They aren't going to dig their way out of the 10-27 hole they've dug for themselves.

Just to show how bad a break Hollins has gotten with the Nets, ESPN Stats & Info hit us with this lovely nugget.

Assistant coach Tony Brown will be the interim head coach for the rest of the season. With a game against the San Antonio Spurs looming on Monday, this does not bode well. Owner Mikhail Prokorov better find someone who knows how to actually run a team and then someone who can properly coach the players that GM brings in for him.

It seems all of this was done in a rather terrible manner too as people found out about the news via press releases.